What is the ARP?

The ARP is a new political party, founded out of necessity, to define and restore Australia's identity, and put Australia back on track, by reaffirming and restoring our foundation. Without a firm foundation, all else is on shifting sand.

[abbr. CM - Constitutional Monarchy; ARP - Australian Restoration Party]

A summary of facts:


The treason of Gough Whitlam

The australian identity effectively disintegrated in 1973, when allegiance to our religion was removed illegally, by labor prime minister Gough Whitlam, when he omitted the words "and God" from the oath of allegiance in the citizenship ceremony. This was an act of treason.

Definition of treason:

1. Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.

2. A betrayal of trust or confidence.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

Stemming from Mr Whitlam's act, forty years later, we now have vilification laws. In particular, the religious vilification law is treasonous, and could not have occurred without Mr Whitlam's illegal act first occurring.

Why are Mr Whitlam's act, and the religious vilification law, acts of treason?

Because they violate our Constitution, which is the foundation of our Constitutional Monarchy (CM). Our monarch swears allegiance to God, and our laws are founded on the laws in the Bible, notably, the Ten Commandments (the Decalogue).

The first commandment states "Thou shalt have no other gods before me". This is not a commandment solely for the individual - it is first and foremost, and always has been, a commandment for the nation. It is in fact the source of our identity as a nation.

When Mr Whitlam removed the words 'allegiance to God', he violated the first commandment, by allowing other religions to become part of our CM. He thus committed treason, which noone can reasonably deny. He "violated allegiance toward our country, and sovereign, by consciously and purposely acting to aid our enemies" (see definition, above).

Likewise, the makers of the religious vilification laws have also "violated allegiance toward our country, and sovereign, by consciously and purposely acting to aid our enemies", making them traitors too.

How have they done this?

By allowing - even inviting - our enemies to infiltrate.

Who are our enemies?

This is now a contentious question to answer. We aren't supposed to have any enemies, presumably. 'Enemy' is not a word that you hear politicians using - politicians are afraid of losing favour and therefore votes. But we must be realistic about this very important matter.

Our enemies are those who oppose our religion, and we DO have a religion. We now have people living in Australia - naturalised australians - who call the rest of us 'infidels' - these people are our enemies. They are the enemies of our CM, because they openly oppose it, by opposing our religion.

Traitors in Canberra

All politicians who support opposition to the first commandment, by sympathising with the opposers of it, are traitors, more so if they take active steps to condemn and punish those within the general population who rightly draw attention to this treason.

These traitors in our government lack wisdom, understanding and knowledge, so that they want to punish us for speaking out against our enemies. Why? Is it ignorance of the facts, or is it something more, something sinister, that even they are not aware of? Or is it collective paranoia - a 'stay on the right side of the rebels' mentality, in order to not rock the boat, even if the boat is carrying the wrong banner? Is it to keep their large pay cheque coming in, as well as not wanting to be labelled 'far right'?

Such politicians are nothing short of cowards, and these supposed representatives of their electorates cause much damage when supporting any minority group that opposes the foundation of our CM. These MPs are more interested in their own perceived definition of their own popularity than in upholding the very means that allowed them to be voted into their political position in the first place - the CM.

Dissidents free to complain

Dissidents and minority groups are free to complain to their MPs if they have a grievance. The MP has a duty to tell any dissident why they cannot act for them, if a dissident's desires would result in a contravention of our CM.

The duty of a parliamentarian (politician)

Dissenting MPs need to give themselves a quick revision of where their allegiance must lie - in upholding our CM. Anything else is treasonous, keeping in mind that treason has a legal definition of betraying, undermining, or committing certain crimes against one's own government or nation.

Parliamentarians - our representatives - have a duty to represent and uphold the CM, in every respect - not to join forces with the opposers of our religion, with some advocating a godless republic.  Too many politicians are, right now, doing precisely this. This must stop.

Australia can be out back on track simply by every politician, in both houses, re-affirming their oaths of allegiance, even to themselves - that they will oppose any changes that are contrary, in even the smallest degree, to anything that is contrary to our CM.  They have a duty to safeguard our CM.  This has not occurred, as shown in the page "Restoring our identity". It is now time to attend to this, and all parliamentarians must play their part.

How has this dangerous situation come about?

The answer is simple. Once upon a time it was taken for granted that MPs would uphold the CM. Australians had to state what their religion was, when applying for a position in the public service. Atheists were weeded out in this way. 'Religion' meant within the biblical religions - catholic, jewish, and various protestant denominations.

Then, laxity prevailed, due to the suggestion of one dissenter in the first instance, (as can only ever be the case), and agreed upon by more. The first example of dissidence was when someone - a traitor - (most likely an atheist socialist) proposed that atheists were being discriminated against, and thus that an atheist could become an MP. The traitors labelled themselves as 'progressive', to give the illusion that strict adherants to the CM were by contrast, a bunch of 'stick in the muds'. This was even taught in our schools, as atheists (socialists) took over writing the curriculums, now having been allowed to work in the public service.

Back then, someone in power - perhaps the governor-general - could have put a stop to these occurences, but did not. Not enough voices, if any, were raised to complain.

The traitors are robbing us of freedom of speech

The Canberra traitors are causing great damage, and have undermined the confidence of the general population, by prohibiting freedom of speech, via vilification laws, which are in opposition to common law - the recognised law of our country. These traitors need to be stopped in their tracks, and punished, such as by being given a hefty fine as a deterrent to others not to engage in such destructive behaviour by using their political positions to attempt to dismantle our CM.

We must NOT become a republic

If Australia becomes a republic it will be a godless republic, and Australia will never be free again. Gone will be the safety net of our CM. Our laws will be open to whatever prevailing forces are aggressively pushing their own cause, and thus their own laws. These laws will not be the civilised laws originating from the foundation of our CM. Common law will immediately be replaced by vilification laws, and we will no longer have freedom of speech, which has already happened. Extended anti-discrimination laws in the pipeline will effectively mean that you can no longer even criticise the PM for fear of offending her, without most likely being taken to jail. (NB This was in reference to Julia Gillard, who thankfully was ousted by her peers - however, a similar situation could arise in the future).

In the meantime, it is imperative that Australia does not become a republic, or else the Canberra traitors will not only get away with their treason, but they will continue on with it, to ultimately outlaw our religion. They have already taken the first step in doing this, prodded on by dissenters. Unless the Canberra traitors  personally have a change of heart we cannot expect them to retract their positions. They need to become accountable - their discrepancies must be addressed. Without a change of political party, this will be difficult if not impossible, while the existing parties have advocates of republicanism within their ranks.

The advocates of republicanism are being hypocritical when they use such terms as 'our values', because, by wanting to get rid of the CM and hence the foundation upon which it is built, they are also, whether they realise it or not, actively creating the disintegration of our values - the very 'values' that constitute our 'western way of life' - THEIR way of life, and hence our identity, and their identity. Without our religion we have no identity. We only have a watered down version of it, open to interpretation, extermination and replacement with other strict religious or regime inspired laws, and, as now, open to suppressing and ever-expanding vilification laws.

Daydreamers in Canberra

If we are to restore, preserve and maintain our identity, and if we are not to become prey to the ominous and aggressive alien forces, dictatorships and regimes that are lying in wait, in the open domain of the world's political stage, ready to ensnare us, and already well on the way to doing so, we must remain a CM, and in so doing, put an end to the continuous misinformed supposedly well-intentioned daydreaming that accompanies the political traitors, sitting pretty on their Canberra salaries, calling themselves 'progressive', whilst continuously attempting to usurp the status quo, not being able to see the wood for the trees, in their mistaken and unfounded belief that Australia would be 'moving forward' if we were to become a republic. Not all politicians are traitors, but not one has yet stepped forward to oppose the instating of moslem MP Ed Husic (see "Restoring our identity" for futher details on this). It can thus be said that not one of them has pure and true integrity. The standard must be higher.  MPs must be prepared to speak out, alone, where necessary.

Is it too late already?

If there are more advocates of other religions than there are of the CM, then we have already perished. It will just be a matter of time before they take action against us. But if not, then we collectively must take a stand, before the traitors within the government continue to weave an even larger intricate web of illegal, illogical and treasonous laws, and begin arresting us, for defending our CM, even while we are still a CM. We must not allow this dangerous situation to continue.  While the coalition is in power, the alarm bells can cease somewhat, but the vilification laws will remain until MPs wake up and vote them out.

We have the upper hand - we have the CM on our side

We can take heart, because we have the CM on our side. While we are a CM, noone can tamper with the structure and authority of the CM, which protects the biblical laws upon which our CM is founded. It is just not possible, without being a traitor. The country would have to vote the CM out first, and this has not been done.

It is time to become accountable as a nation, and as individuals within the nation, and to rectify, and punish, these acts of treason, by imposing hefty fines.

Current situation in Australia

Many of the general population, being in fear of the treasonous vilification laws, are shrinking into oblivion, not wanting to be involved. This state of affairs was brought about by the progressive socialists, mainly in the labor party. When Labor is in power there is always the risk that they will continue to badger us until we give in to their demands for a republic. The republican movement can be expected to do likewise. If successful, then we really will have a godless society. Vilification laws will be legal, and so will the worship of other gods (as is already the case, though treasonous). The situation can then be expected to rapidly escalate until will ultimately be controlled by despots - or something else - there is no doubt about that.

We are a biblically based nation

For those who don't pay much attention or don't really care - to reinforce that we are a CM, at every parliamentary opening, the parliamentarians attend a church service. Every morning at the beginning of parliamentary sessions, the Speaker of the House says a prayer, and the Lord's Prayer. Our judges, who are the upholders of our judiciary system, have prayer at their ceremonies, and pray to uphold fairness, upon which the basis of our common law is founded. Hence our religion is acknowledged, and relied upon, in our most important institutions.

If not, then what are we - a nation of hypocrites that goes through the motions of our religious ceremonies whilst really being 'godless' in our hearts? It's time for australians to take the initiative, to show by active support that they value and pledge allegiance to their CM, and the freedom that it gives them, or at least, is supposed to give them, had we not been usurped by Canberra traitors - this is the first thing that needs fixing.

Our judiciary system upholds common law

Our CM, via our judiciary system, upholds common law, which is defined as "The part of English law that is derived from custom and judicial precedent rather than statutes". Translated into practical terms, this means that if someone is offended, they are at liberty to take the offending party to court, to claim damages and/or seek punishment.

We do not need statutory vilification laws to take the place of this. Traitorous MPs who have implemented these statutory laws in the place of custom and judicial precedent, must either retract the damage they have caused or be given a hefty fine, and then removed from their position.

Vilification laws suppress freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is what our judiciary system is supposed to guard, and is a major feature of the australian identity. Common law is in place to protect the majority - not a minority. While we are a CM, common law prevails, or at least it is supposed to prevail. MPs in particular - take note of this! Vilification laws therefore are illegal and invalid. They are in opposition to common law. As already stated, the religious vilification law is treason.

New political party necessary

Changes to treasonous acts by way of restoration can only be made when a new party is in place - there is too much mayhem, dissidence and confusion at present. The ARP proposes to be that new party. All other parties and individuals of the same accord must unite, under the banner of restoring our CM to its original and intended position. This is no time for egos - it is time for unity. The ARP must rapidly grow and expand, to have candidates in every electorate in Australia. We need to set our sights on the 2016 election, and to start expanding now.

We need the ARP, as the vehicle by which political party madness is eliminated, so that serious maintaining of our economy and other relevant policies can occur.  And so that the unprecedented buying up of our rural land by foreign interests can be halted or at least substantially reduced. We should be leasing the land to foreign interests, at a good price, not selling it to them. Australian land owners should bebn helped by the government in this regard - they should not have to find themselves in a position of having to sell their land.  Real estate agents, taking advantage of obtaining commissions, and seeing nothing wrong in their actions, are traitorous in this respect.

The 2013 election - political parties galore

The notion of political parties has come full circle, with around fifty parties all having vied for a place in Canberra.  That two novice outsiders have become senators (through a flawed system of preferential voting) is a reflection of a substantial degree of discontent within the electorates to the inhibiting effect of major parties. The results of the 2013 election show that australians are willing to venture into unknown territory, in an effort to overcome the two party stalemate. 

Unless the coalition can provide long term solutions which the majority will be happy with, in other words, start fixing up all of the problems, a new solution will be necessary, or before long, we will have political parties running a country which is owned by foreign interests. What a laughing stock to the rest of the world we will be then!

The ARP advocates holding a referendum to prohibit political parties, which is expounded on the page 'Partyless Politics'. By then, in at least three years' time, we will know whether the newly elected coalition is fixing up the problems, which includes the important ARP issues of  restoring our identity (see our page 'Restoring our identity').

CM must not be abandoned

If we abandon our allegiance to the Constitutional Monarchy, an allegiance upon which Australia has been built and has received its strengths, and which has given us our secure and comfortable way of life, we are in effect offering ourselves as a prime target to alien forces, to sacrifice our very own identity.

Message to all MPs and senators - the CM is NOT multi-faith

We were touted by former atheist PM Julia Gillard as being a land of 'multi-faith'. This is an absurd situation, totally unrealistic, and most dangerous. The expansion of 'multi-faith' is illegal, as explained above. Australians must get together on this, unite, and show that as a majority they are not in agreeance with this at all. If we fail to do this, we are doomed, along with our identity. Other members of the Commonwealth of Nations need to realise this also.

The task is made all the more difficult as we now have to deal with immigrants who have legitimately been allowed since 1973, through the illegal machinations of our government, to bring with them their different gods.  We must always keep in mind that we are still a CM, biblically based, and our first commandment says :"Thou shalt have no other gods before me".

[Read more about Ms Gillard's 'Australia in the Asian Century' on our page 'Stop Press'].


While australians and other western countries were enjoying the trendy early 1970's, with mind-exploding music, clothes and hairstyles, contemporary homes with exposed beams, shag pile carpet, origame wall hangings and pottery, full employment and lots of money to be made, amid a relatively carefree lifestyle devoid of mobile phones, ipods, computers and the like, the introduction of the expression 'multi-culturalism', by socialist labor PM Bob Hawke, seemed an unnecessary intrusion on what was already in existence, and had been for years - an acknowledgment and acceptance of migrants from other lands.  Nothing much was said about it because there wasn't much to be said, it being nothing new.

Whether Mr Hawke realised it or not, in falling for the 'multi-cultural' platform, he was being manipulated by the unseen international socialist forces which set about creating division within societies (so that they can further their agenda while the rest of the world then expends its energy on demonstrations and fighting with each other over such newly created and contentuous 'issues').

Mr Hawke's new found enlightenment was unnecessary, serving the purpose of inflicting upon us a sense of personal expectation as to how, why, when and where we should somehow become further 'involved' in something that we were already doing, in accepting new immigrants and their way of life.  We were already practicing 'multi-culturalism', with italian, greek, lebanese, turkish, british, scottish, irish, and all manner of other countries having their own clubs and venues, including 'aussies', with traditional 'bush dances', and the aboriginals with their own gatherings. No-one from any country was hard done by in this regard. So, why label it?

The only thing that can really be said about the (relatively) new word of 'multi-culturalism' is that it is a destructive concept which causes division, by encouraging the word 'rights' to be implemented, in the guise that any such 'minority group' within the multi-culture could apply for a grant, allege discrimination, and have exclusive rights at the expense of the community (such as use of community swimming pool on certain nights).  In short, it is a step towards down-treading the CM, turning the everyday (white) australians, as descendants of Great Britain (and by then, the europeans as well), into a group that gradually becomes more and more inferior, having no 'special' right, whilst others, under the 'multi- culture' banner, flourish.  It is, in short, our introduction to becoming used to being treated as second class citizens in our own country, (with even this concept having been successfully eroded by the socialists), with more of the same to be expected on the way, in various different forms, unless we reinforce and activate the principles of our CM instead of being like lost sheep, pandering to the whims of the socialists.

Multi-culturalism is not an exclusive concept to Australia, affecting all of the english speaking nations, and the european nations as well, and appears to have had its conception first in Switzerland, in 1957.

It is asserted that, as with most other new government concepts of a similar vein, the introduction of multi-culturalism was, and still is, part of a worldwide plan by the atheistic international socialists to eliminate the power of the governments of the english speaking peoples, being the Commonwealth of Nations, and the USA. This is because these nations are biblically based. A methodical 'divide and conquer' attitude by these socialists is not recognised by the majority of people, as unless a person is inclined to want to discern the effect of these changes, and there are many, under the guise of socialism, they are simply taken for granted, as though being part of a changing worldwide community, that is 'moving forward' (atheist socialist Ms Gillard repeatedly used this term in her first speech as prime minister).

Your choice - what will it be?

In order to maintain Australia as a nation that is confident and of one accord, and can thus set a good and fair example to other nations, we must remain a CM, and never become a godless republic. We must act with no delay to change the laws, to restore the words "and God" to the citizenship ceremony, so that immigrants, and asylum seekers, agree to give allegiance to our religion. Certainly, their own country has let them down. We don't get asylum seekers coming from the english speaking and other biblically based nations, because the faith of these countries, with their 'values' and 'western way of life' offers the freedom that the asylum seekers want.

Will you choose to stand by and allow the current potential mayhem, with ominous consequences, blended in amid the subtle and sublime infiltration, musical and otherwise, of islamic sharia law, that is being forced by islamists upon the world, to overrule your current freedom and comfortable lifestyle? One thing is for certain - this influence is there, at times going 'underground' to give the impression that it no longer exists.

We invite you, by joining the ARP, to take the first step in acknowledging your nation's identity, and in so doing, re-inforcing to others that you like our way of life, that you are worried about how Australia is being undermined in various different ways, (including losing its rural land, and plush resort properties, to foreigners), and that you want to see Australia as a country that moves forward in a real respect, with jobs and opportunity for everyone, and a strong sense of identity in our CM that is to be proud of. And also, that this may well include, depending on the results of our suggested referendum, taking a break from having political parties, so that electorates can function without the 24/7 media hype that has evolved. 

When the enemy is silent

If you asked australians who our enemies are, you would undoubtably be given a few different answers. Some may even say that we don't have any.  Suffice to say this - if the enemy is silent, that does not mean that they have gone away. Silence is a tactic the enemy uses to throw you off guard, by making you think that they don't exist anymore. We must live by the immortal words of Sir Edmund Burke, when he wrote, around 250 years ago, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance". Edmund Burke, incidentally, was a friend of Lord Sydney, (Tommy Townshend), whom Sydney was named after, in 1788.

Some of our MPs shamefully label anyone who defends our CM, and aspects of it, as 'xenophobic'. Don't let such traitors get away with this. When they say this they are in effect calling the Australian Constitution 'xenophobic'. They need to be put in tr place,hei and exposed, and only well informed individuals can successfully do this. Reading this ARP site will stand you in good stead for being informed.

Time to get involved

Sitting on the sidelines is to give ground to the enemy. If you are an australian who values the australian way of life, your task is to help see to it that our CM not only remains in place, but the treasons inflicted on it as described above are rectified.

You can do this by joining the ARP, or actively supporting it, and making it happen.

Doing nothing is to allow the enemy to continue to gain ground.  You must act now while there is still time - before it is too late.

Why the ARP was not active for the 2013 elections:

The ARP, for various reasons, was not in a position to become involved in the 2013 elections.  It is hoped that some headway will be made so that what is contained in this site can begin being applied, by the 2016 elections. It is hoped that australians will see the merit of the ARP, and become involved in it.

If the new coalition government can do what we are advocating, all well and good. If Labor adherants can see that the Labor Party has served its purpose, and is a means by which destructive and obstructive international socialist ideals are manipulated into our way of life, then we will in effect be a partyless system of government.  We will send this website to the coalition government, so we will wait and see if they begin to set about restoring our foundation.

If not, we will know within a year or two, and in the meantime, we must "be prepared", by becoming a significant voice, by virtue of numbers and expansion.


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