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A big thankyou to those who voted for Jacqueline Rose. It’s encouraging to know that there are some out there who are concerned with what is going on. Our aim is to increase this amount before the next federal election. We will not tell you how to vote, so voters’ second preference will be of just as much value to their chosen major party (if that is how some may vote), but putting the security of the nation first is what is long overdue for what is needed right now. The longer it is left the more various forms of opposition will spring up, in the form of changed attitudes based upon erroneous misconceptions.

There will be more about this, and more updates about various political situations, in the new year. We encourage all readers to join the ARP, to come in on the ground floor, and to help develop us into a major party, where the concerns of citizens are the first priority, where regional Australia can flourish and grow, sustainable energy promoted, where our own farmers are looked after, through which secondary industry may develop – where self sufficiency is encouraged, where jobs abound, and above all, where our CM can be refined, so that our flag can proudly fly as an example to other countries, as well as developing nations, that we do not need to recklessly pursue world expansion, but that we are happy with our way of life, and that we ‘love the brotherhood, (‘aussie mateship’), honour the flag, fear God and serve the Queen’.

If we can aspire to be in such a fortunate position, we will be better equipped to help our allies, and neighbouring countries, should they require our help. We will have freedom of speech, with vilification laws a vile thing of the past. A sense of decency will dictate what words come out of our mouths, not a fear or threat of fine or imprisonment. We can aspire to be a commandment keeping nation, without being a police state. We can once again let common sense – and common law - prevail. We will protect our way of life by not allowing avowed atheists to have government positions, giving them no further opportunity to usurp our government system and our freedoms, and we will have agencies to oversee this in the place of agencies which divide and punish.

Our ultimate aim is to have a partyless nation where MPs are elected based on their own merits, as ascertained by each electorate. There will still be opposition, but only where it is raised, for specific matters, by the MPs, on behalf of their constituents. This is a far superior method, doing away with useless and time wasting too-ing and fro-ing at election time, with ‘broken promises’ forever a topic of discussion in between.

2014 Victorian State Election - 29 November

Last minute decision...

Jackie Rose is intending on running for the state election for the seat of Morwell on a platform entitled "Ten Facts" (see below).

Jackie is asking for anyone in her voting district (Morwell) who would like to be an 'elector', to please contact her via the ARP email address: Details are on the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) website, in the online Candidate's handbook, on page 8 (under 'Nomination Form'). Please contact her by 10 November, or 12 November at the latest.

[Six electors are needed for independent candidates - they must be enrolled in the same electoral area, and are asked to provide their full name, address, date of birth and signature, on the canidiate's form].

Though short notice, others in other electorates are encouraged to use the same platform and run as an independent. Nominations close at noon on Friday 14 November.

Jackie's platform:

"Ten Facts - How to Overcome the Terrorist Threat in Victoria and Australia"

1. Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy, its foundation based upon the Bible, upon which the reigning monarch makes an oath to uphold.

2. The Bible contains the Ten Commandments, upon which our way of life is founded.

3. The first commandment states "Thou shalt have no other gods before me".

4. This is a commandment for the nation, not just for individuals.

5. Biblically based / western countries historically have thus erred in allowing citizenship to immigrants whose allegiance is to a foreign god.

6. Some of these immigrants have been allowed to establish places of worship of foreign gods.

7. Gough Whitlam encouraged this process by eliminating the words "and God" from the citizenship ceremony in 1973 via his two man Cabinet.

8. This created a situation which to this day our politicians have had no adequate response, except to tread on our own Constitution with religious vilification laws.

9. s.116 of the Australian Constitution, dealing with equality in religion, in context with the time it was written, referrred to biblical religions (otherwise it contradicts our foundation)

10. It is constitutionally incorrect to say that Australia is 'multi-faith' - we are multi-cultural, not multi-faith (otherwise it contradicts our foundation).

How to solve the problem - an 'ABC' solution:

a) Acknowledge the cause of the problem as being our own lack of vigilance as a nation in keeping the first commandment. "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance".

b) Begin to fix the problem by reparation and restoration.

c) Confidently know we are doing the right thing, based upon the foundation of our Constitutional Monarchy.

d) Defiant australians should take a step back and show respect for the religion of their own country, that has given them the freedom of their 'western way of life'.

Implementation of the Ten Facts in the Victorian State Government:

1. Short to long term plan of abolition of places of worship and schools that are in opposition to the foundation of our Constitution.

a) No more planning permits given for places of worship and schools belonging to foreign religions.

b) Current planning permit applications to be cancelled, and buildings under construction to be stopped, and compensation paid.

c) Established places of worship and schools belonging to foreign religions to be purchased by the government or private enterprise in a long term strategy of up to fifteen years.

2. Inclusion of our religion in state schools:

a) 'Monday morning' state school ceremonies:

i) Reintroduction of the original oath of allegiance - "I love God and my country, I honour the flag, I will serve the Queen, and cheerfully obey my parents, teachers and the law".

ii) Reintroduction of the former national anthem "God save the Queen" to be sung as well as the current national anthem "Advance Australia Fair".

b) Revival of religious education in state schools.

c) Allowance of Christmas nativity scenes and carols and Christian Easter themes (prohibition of which was constitutionally erroneous in the first place).

3. Pressure and educate federal parliamentarians to make changes including:

a) Asylum seekers and new immigrants to be given visas and entry only if they give allegiance to our religion.

b) Citizenship certificate holders since 1973 to sign updated certificates with the words "and God" reinstated. (These words were removed by the two man Whitlam Cabinet).

c) Take measures to ensure responsible borrowing in both the private and government sectors, to prevent any such foreign ownership or part ownership of other buildings or real estate in Victoria, and Australia, so that control is kept within the parameters of our own constitutional foundation.

4. Affirmation of Australia's religion in Victoria (necessary to counteract growing 'godless' trend in our society).

a) The Speaker's morning reading of the Lord's Prayer to be included at the beginning of all afternoon televised federal Question Time sessions on ABC Victoria.

b) Incentives and encouragement for more participation from churches, eg provision of a hot meal after a church service; more church hostels for the homeless.

Wider platform - diversity via self-sustainability of regional centres

To work towards sustainable energy and associated cottage and local industries, allowance of smaller farms, responsible population growth and greater reliance on public transport eg. community market gardens, local textiles, smaller buses, more bus routes and greater frequency of buses. For my region, rehabilitation of open cut coal mines.

Now is the time for voters to fix this problem, by voting in candidates who will promote these facts.

To not repair the damage done is to watch the problem become worse, to the point where it may well involve everyone on a personal level, within a few short years. The problem is worse in Europe, where there are constant street clashes, and the USA, than what it is in Australia. We don't want it to become worse, we want to fix it up and make it go away.

We must remember that our soldiers fought and died in two world wars for the freedom that is wholly found in our Constitutional Monarchy. The west won those wars because we acknowledged God - our leaders openly gave thanks on our behalf. Today our societies have all but forgotten about God, our churches being turned into restaurants and museums while new mosques spring up all around us. We cannot expect to win future wars as a godless nation. It is time to get serious and implement the "ABC" solution.


Should you wish to donate to the election campaign please deposit into:

CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) account: 063530 - 1049 9507 (name: ARP donations)

All donations will be most gratefully accepted. If a receipt is required please write or email to request one, providing details of deposit - branch, time, day, amount, and from whom, unless you wish to be anonymous.

[Postal address: ARP PO Box 9405 Traralgon Vic. 3844]

Donations will be used in the first instance to facilitate and enable Jackie's election campaign in such things as printing, advertising, boards, posters and other aspects as they present themselves.

In the happy event that there is an excess in donations, it will be utilised to facilitate the creation and establishment of the Australian Restoratin Party, and a separate telephone line.


ARP PO Box 9405 Traralgon Victoria 3844 email:
Send the following link to the ARP website to others who may be interested:

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