Further essential considerations:

The ARP - time for a new major party...

.... to cater for, and represent, what the majority of australians want.

We offer and provide a united platform from which the concerns of other australians can be presented and acted upon by the electorate.

The last major party - the Liberal Party - was founded in 1944. Today, almost seventy years later, it is again time for australians to come together, with a united and clear vision of how to steer and maintain Australian politics to be on the right track - one that stands on a firm foundation and does not waver with uncertainty when Australia is presented with new concerns.

Australia now has a major concern which can only be set right by the australian people themselves, as described on the 'Summary of Facts' page. This concern did not exist seventy years go, but had it existed, the major parties and other parties would not have been able to adequately deal with it, again, as explained on the 'Summary of Facts' page.

The immediate challenge for the ARP is to grow, and this can only happen with active participation from within the electorates. We invite all australians to utilise this organisational opportunity to restore our safeguards and in so doing, to provide an 'across the board' selection of policies, to be developed and refined by members themselves, within a structured framework.

Not for the faint-hearted

In these changing times, to overlook the religious fervour that is spreading in the world, and the impact it is having here in Australia, would be to walk around with one's eyes closed. For this reason, the ARP is not for the faint-hearted. (Rev. 20:4) We recognise that we are living in changing times, and that we have inadvertantly allowed suppression to infiltrate our once 'free' society.

In adhering to the foundation of our Constitutional Monarchy, we can remove the suppression. We expect to encounter opposition, but we pledge to move forward in the knowledge and assurance that we are doing the right thing, for we are doing nothing more than upholding our Constitutional Monarchy, which is the recognised legal basis from which all ensuing laws must stem from. This has been tampered with and must be restored.

We can move forward confidently, knowing that we have the upper hand - we have the true law behind us. However, without the active participation of other australians, we will flounder. We are not in a position to flounder, for our 'western way of life' is at stake.

Editors take note - erroneous focus by the media needs to be stopped

The media does a disservice to their own country by drawing attention to dissenters of our CM, in the name of 'the news'. This erroneous focus gives an illusion of popularity to the dissidents' viewpoints - this is the illusion that television gives us.

If rowdy rebellers want to hold a demonstration, why show it to the rest of us? It may be interesting to watch the spectacles that the dissidents create, but such 'news' creates the false impression that the silent majority exists no longer, and thus frightens many of the majority into a submissive silence.

It is more responsible for the media to highlight the activities and causes of those who support what is right, not what is wrong. Those television networks, generally regional, that do highlight good sound causes and activities reinforce Australia's identity as a peace loving nation that knows how to enjoy life and get on with it.

A new political party is required - ARP to the rescue

The only way to set things back on track is via a new political party - one that, in short, espouses first and foremost, the principles that our CM upholds.

The ARP is the means through which these acts of dissension can, and must, be rectified.

The ARP is the means through which australians no longer need to feel helpless each time a dissident political minister creates an unlawful new rule or law, further suppressing freedom of speech.

The ARP is the means through which australians can have their dignity restored, as we set about restoring employment, instead of providing the empty words and token measures that the major parties give us at election time, ignoring the fact that australians continue to lose their jobs whilst australian factories close.

The ARP is the means through which education can be put back into the hands of state governments, with the tried and tested sytem of inspectors restored, to restoe and maintain the high levels of literacy, numeracy and knowledge that we took for granted fifty years ago.

The ARP is the means through which asylum seekers can be dealt with confidently, as they will give adherance to our religion on condition of entry into the country, if allowed to stay on, and in the meantime they will be treated with respect, as befitting the identity of our nation.

How do we begin? First, by being able to actively work towards restoring those parts of our CM that have been illegally and treasonously removed by MPs who have chosen atheism over the religion of our country, and who have thus chosen to illegally implement what they have no right to implement.

Food for thought - do we really need to have political parties?

The ARP ultimately needs to be voted into government. We can then continue on with responsible government, possibly ultimately dispensing with the party system, which holds up progress, and replace it with independent MPs, along with a healthy system of debate, based on what working australians want, not what certain misguided party politicians and multi-nationals want. This is something that can be discussed at a later stage.

It is an easy thing to organise parliament so that meaningful debate on all issues can take place, without having various political parties constantly heckling one another, wasting our time and resources. The party system will not be missed once replaced with a more efficient party-less system, and it can be done simply by introducing a rule that prohibits political parties from funding candidates and MPs.

A rebellious generation?

Younger australians must actively become involved, to ward off a new younger generation of rebels, or dissidents, who have been brainwashed in our classrooms into becoming adversaries of our CM, and taking sides with our enemies. Goodness knows how their minds work because our CM has nurtured them and given them their lifestyle of freedom, which they take for granted.

They do not stop to think that even this could disappear, if the CM is voted out, especially if a despot takes control. (This happens virtually everywhere else in the world - here would be no different). Younger australians, as well as older ones, must take an active stand on this. They must begin to realise that this crucial point, and nothing else, is their immediate challenge for the future, and that future is upon us now.

Vilification laws

Vilification laws, whether in place or proposed, are illegal and invalid, and the Canberra traitors writing them up need to be stopped in their tracks, while it can be done legitimately. Never has the saying "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance" rung truer, and because we have ignored it for so long, it is not good enough to continue to do nothing - we now have to actively do something about it.

Too many australians these days have a 'couldn't be bothered' mentality. They need to watch more documentaries than blockbusters, to be reminded of the horrors that humans are capable of - and do - inflict upon one another. They need to sober up mentally, and pay attention to what is important. This shift in attitude is necessary - we must not degenerate into a nation of pleasure seekers and comedians. These things must come second, not first.

The American Republic

The republic in the USA is under attack for the same reason as our CM - a failure to implement adherance to the First Commandment, and this needs to be attended to by the americans ASAP.

Advocates of an australian republic ought not to cite the success of the american republic as a model of government because quite obviously the american republic is biblically based, and has a long and strong history of being such. This is being attacked from within, by some judges in the US Supreme Court, who, due to the diligence of concerned americans, have a fight on their hands.

Some outspoken advocates of republicanism in Australia are atheists, so any reliance on the americal model would obviously be fruitless.

Australia and her allies would not have 'won' two world wars had we not had allegiance to the CM. The moment we relinquish our religion - the moment we cease to be a CM, to become a godless republic, is the moment we can expect to see the beginnings of 'all hell breaking loose'.

The media

Media personalities and writers, and MPs in general need to give serious personal consideration to this, and need reminding that should they be atheists themselves, or have an argumentative dispositon regarding this crucial matter, then they are by definition traitors as well, and also, there are many good and able people to replace them - they are not indispensable.

Media chiefs have big responsibility

Media chiefs are in a powerful position in this regard. Media chiefs who promote republicanism are opening the door to alien powers, regimes and religions that will in the end entrap and enslave australians, as they have done in other places in the world.

It is difficult to imagine those in positions of responsibility behaving with such folly, considering the inevitable consequences. They do not appear to have the vision to see into the future, or at least, as with some politicians, past their pay cheques. They would rather 'go with the flow', by allowing minority voices to rule against the majority. Andrew Bolt is one of the few brave journalists who was is not afraid to speak up, but when he does, he is attacked and ostracised by those who should know better. Any media chief who contravenes our CM is by definition a traitor.

It is hoped that these media people, and certain politicians, will see the error of their ways, as pointed out on this ARP website. Once they do, it is further hoped that they will 'change their tune' to reflect their newfound understanding. There is nothing wrong with them admitting that they were wrong.


Without a firm and fair foundation for democracy to be anchored to, it is open to unreliability, as they following example illustrates.

There were a hundred teenagers stranded on a desert island, and fifty two of them voted as a majority, at the suggestion of their self appointed charismatic leader, who had a very outgoing personality, for them all to eat hotdogs and nothing else for six months, until they could be properly rescued. The vote was held at the end of a day of fun-filled activities, when they were all hungry.

Some of the teenagers chose roast lamb and vegetables, some chose spaghetti bolognaise, and some chose salad and fish, or steak, which were the other alternatives offered to them. However, they were in the minority. The supply boat was only going to bring one type of meal. The charismatic leader loved hotdogs, and, along with his two best buddies, he influenced the decisions of most of the others. They conveyed their decision to the supply boat, which dutifully responded. There would be no more visits from anyone else until the rescue.

Again - without a firm foundation for democracy to be anchored to, it is open to unreliability and mismanagement.

'The Nanny State'

In recent times we have heard the expression 'the nanny state', and these 'nanny state' parliamentarians have taken hand-rubbing delight in creating oppressing vilification laws, impeding freedom of speech. Don't be fooled by these Canberra traitors, who openly defy our CM, and should be fined heavily. They are obviously either agnostics or atheists, and not advocates of christianity, the foundation of our 'western way of life'. ("Love thy neighbour as thyself").

They are at present a minority, and will disappear quickly once we pour water over their erroneous rantings, and replace their erroneous rulings. We need the numbers to do this - we need every australian that agrees with what is written here to come forward and participate, so that we have the numbers to restore what has been treasonously removed. Experienced parliamentarians who are restricted by the party line need to take stock of themselves, think for themselves, and then go about truly representing their constituents, if they are voted in again (as independants).

Correction of this matter is the most important thing right now in australian politics - don't be fooled or side-tracked by anything else - including the distraction of the upcoming elections. We are sinking deeper into the quagmire and must pull ourselves out of it NOW.

The ARP - getting involved

We will develop and fine-tune our policies with the assistance of the input of members. As a starting point we have created an 'A-Z' of policies (see 'Organisation' page). These are guidelines and are there to be refined via orderly meetings and various committees. We anticipate smooth sailing, as we work with one accord - the rudder on our ship steering in the right direction, unlike the other parties, whose policies are sitting on shifting sand, banked up on a sea floor of erroneous misdirection.

As for those of us who see a clear and united vision for the future, including the immediate future - it's time to get started.

Will you join - will you help define and restore our nation?



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