To restore and maintain our identity we must:

1. Remain a Constitutional Monarchy

2. Restore the words "and God" to the citizenship ceremony

3. Clarify and implement those parts of the Australian Constitution Act which are either misinterpreted or



          3a.  Clarify s. 116 of the Australian Constitution Act


This is to be done by amending the wording to show the word 'religion' in context - that at the time it was written it referred to differences between christian churches. This is obvious, as for it to mean anything else would be in contradiction of not only the first commandment, (and hence the source of our CM), but would also be a contradiction of s. 42 and s. 44 of the Australian Constitution.


Two possibilities:


a) The word 'christian' or 'biblical' could be added, as follows:


        s. 116. The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any christian (or 'biblical') religion, or for imposing any christian (or 'biblical') religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any christian(or 'biblical')religion, and no christian (or 'biblical') religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.]


b) Alernatively, s. 116 could simply be rewritten in the following way:


       s. 116. The Commonwealth shall not make any law which favours one biblical religion or denomination over another.


         3b.  Implement s. 42 and s. 44 of the Australian Constitution Act


Action must immediately be taken regarding s. 42 and s. 44, because an adherant to a foreign power, Ed Husic, a muslim, has somehow over the years been allowed to slip through the cracks, and is an MP (and fomer minister in the previous labor government).   Mr Husic must immediately be disqualified, and a by-election held. As was widely publicised, Mr Husic took his oath as a minister on the Koran - this is unacceptable and illegal, and must be rectified immediately. Ideally an enquiry should be held and those individuals found accountable for allowing this to occur should receive a penalty, such as a hefty fine. The only way Mr Husic is entitled to remain in his position is if he agrees to take the oath as set out in the Constitution, and publically does so without delay.


s. 42 Oath or affirmation of allegiance  - Every senator and every member of the House of Representatives shall before taking his seat make and subscribe before the Governor-General, or some person authorised by him, an oath or affirmation in the form set forth in the schedule to this Constitution.




Oath:   I, A. B., do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen [Victoria], Her heirs and successors according to law.



Affirmation:   I, A.B., do solemnly and sincerely affirm and declare that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen [Victoria], Her heirs and successors according to law.


s. 44 Disqualification - Any person who is under acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherance to a foreign power, shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a Member of the House of Representatives.


4. Abolish vilification laws


Our judiciary system is founded upon Common Law, being the will of the majority, and not on legislation based upon the erroneous concept of the will of a minority. Anyone who believes they have been offended by someone else is able to have their grievance heard in a court of law, based upon Common Law.


Race Discrimination Commission to be abolished


The newly created Race Discrimination Commission must be abolished. It is an inevitable extension of the entrapment of vilification laws, and is the beginnings of the means of punishment for freedom of speech. We can expect to see more of it, with increased powers, over time, unless we de-activate this government agency, and others like it.  It is NOT a crime to be verbally rude to someone, regardless of the reason, nor is it a crime to favour one person over another, or to not like someone. An employer cannot function as effectively if they don't like a potential employee for some reason, and that is their prerogative. People are entitled to their likes and dislikes - it is part of living.


The Race Discrimination Commission, as with all vilification laws, trespasses on our basic human right to be ourselves, which may include at times having likes and dislikes. This does not mean that a person is being discriminatory. The next thing we will find, if this notion is permitted to thrive, is that people will find themselves in trouble with the federal law for not including someone they don't like, or don't have anything in common with, as a friend. It is a ridiculous situation, and one wonders which bright spark thought up the vilification laws in the first place. Certainly someone with a vengeful spirit.


There are far more pressing and important things to spend one's energy on politically, such as homelessness, illiterate youth, domestic violence, out of control children, lack of government housing, street crime, unmanagable vandalism, shortage of jobs, welfare dependency, child abuse, elder abuse, bankruptcy, credit card dependency, drug taking, alcoholism, and all other manner of moral decadence and inequality.

5. Implement wise and selective borrowing of overseas funds

Decrease our borrowing and reliance upon funding from any nation not a member of the Commonwealth of Nations before such borrowing puts us under the economic control of alien powers which can then force us into submission to their will.


6. Ascertain limits to foreign land ownerships


Lease instead of sale of land to foreign interests.  Lessors must conform to our standards, eg stunning of live stock for slaughter. The government to help farmers who find they must sell or lease their land.


7. Protect the role of the states


a) Say 'no' to recognition of local government if ever there is an accompanying referendum in a federal election.


Any movement in this direction will be the beginning of an unleashing of legislation whereby the federal government can hand over law and order directly to local government communities. Maybe this is also on the cards for the application of the Race Discrimination Commission, which needs to be abolished ASAP (see point 4 above).


b) Education control to be given back to the states, where applicable. No federalised uniform education.


8. Confident asylum seeker policy - fix up Gough's mistake


Rather than fretting about how many asylum seekers are arriving, it is more important to realise - and correct - Gough Whitlam's big mistake. We must put a stop to Gough's allowance of the introduction and flourishing of a primary allegiance to foreign religions and powers.  Point 2 (above) - restoring the words "and God" to citizenship and other declarations must be re-implemented. All who are given asylum must agree to honour first and foremost our CM.


Because of the mess that Gough's mistake has made, coupled with the illogicality of reasoning as spurned on by political party competition, what we saw, on a daily basis, prior to the 2013 election, was a succession of 'spur of the moment' ideas, announcements and actions, announced and seemingly thought up by the leaders of the main political parties, to give asylum under substandard conditions, as though to say "Well, here you are, but until we are confident about how our country is run we have to treat you substandardly, to deter you from coming, because otherwise, we don't know what to do if you start to outnumber us".


Between stopping the boats, temporary or permanent visas, off shore processing, asylum in New Guinea and so on, while this completely illogical divisiveness of political parties prevents a once only all round sensible discussion and debate to arrive at a sensible solution, some of our surrounding regional neighbours feel compelled to enter into the argument, because what they see is two or three bickering political parties all ratting on each other, with no end in sight, that somehow need to be pulled into line. Especially when each one arrogantly believes that they are entitled to drag in a neighbouring country, to deposit asylum seekers with them, thus tranferring the problem and associated problems to these neighbouring countries instead.


The ARP advocates temporary visas, and not permanent visas, to refugees, with the aim of re-settling them back to their countries once the countries have become stable.  We do have a responsibility in the meantime to give refugees shelter.


9. Never become a republic


We must fix up Gough's careless mistake while we can, and certainly well before our supposed 'wise' (but uninformed) politicians and other advocates of a republic push us into republicanism, to finally seal our doom, whilst seeing themselves as modern political heroes of the day.  Remember - a republic will be a godless republic - and islam will then run rampant, allowable through our vilification laws, these laws at the same time trampling on our own religion, being created by uninformed socialists, and which condemn our very own from speaking up, even the families of those who created the laws, and OUR God ultimately will be replaced by their god. 


Our way is not a pushy or forceful way, and we have seen from experience in all manner of things that pushiness and constant force prevails, unless stamped out in an early stage. Islam is pushy and forceful, but who will have the authority to stamp it out if our rock (CM) is removed from under us?  Noone.  We are safe for as long as we maintain our CM. That is why anyone who wants to get rid of it is nothing short of being an arrogant and uninformed fool.


Also, if we 'sell' our country to other alien interests, and borrow from them, so that they have an upper hand, and if we commit ourselves to international economic pacts which entrap us if we end up with an inability to repay, our CM will be in name only. We must protect it, now.


If australians don't act now, and islam begins to prevail, or some other foreign interest, to eventually take over, you will have yourselves to blame for what happens to the next generation - your children and grandchildren. Words should not have to be wasted on this - you should be able to see it for yourselves. It is a mistake to think that you are living in a safe country - a 'lucky country' - you should rather be for ever on the alert as to how to protect your 'lucky' country from foreign influences which are alien to our CM, whether political or economic.  We also have a duty to be actively involved in the Commonwealth of Nations, and to protect and support it as well.


10. Not rely on federal government education websites


There appears to be an apparent reliance by educators (and thus students) on federal government education websites, where socialistic ideas abound, supposedly as truth, and anyone who dares to disagree with them is ridiculed, humiliated, and, if a teacher, quite likely to lose their job. These websites are fuelled by socialists, generally within the Labor Party.


We are most likely to see an increase in their use, and expected use, now that the states have signed up to more federal education involvement, based upon a promise of supposedly much needed more federal government money for education for the states.  This was a most illogical reason.  In other words, the federal government was about to deprive young australian children of funds supposedly needed for a proper education, unless the states signed up.  Why couldn't the federal government just hand over the money to the states for education?  Why didn't any state premier propose this?


Federal control of education is not wise, and needs to be undone. The labor instigated NAPLAN tests are only now beginning to be exposed for what they really are - anxiety producers which hinder learning. It is quite illogical to run such tests without first giving (say) two years' warning, to enable schools to set their curriculums to include knowledge of the questions asked. More to the point, the best systems were done away with years ago, this being state run education, with set courses of study, accompanying curriculums and set text books, beginning from prep class.


Perhaps Liberal will stop federal control of education and the anxiety-producing NAPLAN tests, and hopefully they will.


The ARP advocates a return to the earlier methods of state run education, with teachers being employed in schools directly by the education department, and inspectors re-instated. Tests such as NAPLAN could then be held, without anxiety. Schools should not have to advertise themselves, as being 'the best', fostering an atmosphere of competition, because all schools should be run efficiently, in keeping with stringent rules and regulations as provided by the state education departments.


There should not be a federal website or program which promotes 'better schools' and exposes every done thing, including test results. This is education going overboard, and serves no useful purpose, encouraging defamation and lack of confidence in students, teachers and parents alike, at the expense of sound education.


An A - Z of some other possible general ARP policies:

a) less government - more free enterprise

b) employment - australians first

c) small business - supportive

d) trade unions - supportive

e) tariffs - Australia first; sustainability

f) primary industry - farmers' concerns met

g) no live meat animal exports

h) referendum on gay marriage, after public debate, national and within electorates

i) reduce or abolish foreign ownership of land - 'lease only' policy

j) reduce foreign debt by various means

k) education - restoration of school inspectors, reduce or abolish HEX fees; state education, not federal education

l) more participation from UN in resettling refugees back to own country

m) large belts of grassy farmland between separate 'clumpings' of forest growth to minimise bush fires and be 'user friendly' to native animals

n) sustainability - australian grown food, population control, climate change, global warming, preservation of oceans, responsible logging, etc

o) national tree maintenance and development - clumped areas of large mature trees, widely spaced,separated by farmland, no spindly 'match stick trees', natural fire control by cattle grazing of high country

p) legal assistance for civil matters, abolish legal aid for criminal appeals and asylum seekers, capital punishment for murder

q) supportive of smaller farms - more personalised and sustainable farming and lifestyle

r) develop and sustainability of rural towns, community town farms (fruit, veges, grain, sheep, wool and cattle)

s) sterner penalties for violence, and national service to turn wayward youth into responsible adults (emphasis on physical activity)

t) churches and charities to contribute to welfare payments, feeding and housing of unemployed / poor

u) revision of 2010 banking laws regarding 'responsible banking'

v) government ownership of essential services

w - z) your ideas, to be presented to your local candidate / MP


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