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18 March 2013 - no media reforms!

Gillard's proposed media reform package is nothing but a disgrace and should be rejected in its entirity. Voting politicians must realise that we are living in a Constitutional Monarchy that already has a 'Public Interest Media Advocate' - the judiciary. The law courts are where defamation is sorted out - not from a prime minister's desk. The very fact of the rush of it all indicates something sinister - voting politicians - do not be caught unawares - vote 'no'. Speaker Anna Burke, if you are the decider -vote 'no'.

Stephen Conroy is nothing more than Gillard's minion, who gave him that position precisely for this reason - to be her ready tool and instrument in dismantling freedom of speech. If Labor is successful in this (heaven forbid!), with another labor stooge as the Public Interest Advocate, expect the police cells to start filling with political prisoners - beginning with anyone who offends Ms Gillard, who has her sights set on being the PM for a very long time, and is doing her best to create the means by which this can occur.

What you can do right now (10 March 2013)

There are two things you can do in 2013:

1. Join the ARP and start to make it happen.

2. Do not vote for Labor at the election.

Tony Abbott, being a monarchist, will not try to push a republic on us. And despite a little headline that some media person put on TV this very morning, Tony Abbott has a duty to let 'religion' guide his decisions, (as does Ms Gillard), that religion being the biblically based religion of our CM.

Julia Gillard's ruling days are over? (10 March 2013)

Rumblings are again on the horizon regarding the tenure of Ms Gillard's prime ministerial position. Should this occur, it is imperative to not be side-tracked. Whilst it can be seen as a relief that such an enemy of our CM may be replaced, it does not change the situation or make it any less urgent. The ARP must grow and expand with no delay, regardless of who is leading the other parties.

1 November 2012:
"Better late than never"
We take the opportunity here to respond to an item presented by Damien Murphy of the Sydney Morning-Herald, dated 10 November 2007 - five years ago. We first present OUR item, sent to newpapers throughout Australia at that time, a week or so before the November 2007 commonwealth (federal) election. 
Here is our item, also read by Mr Murphy, and referred to in his article. (Mr Murphy's item follows this, our 2007 ARP article):
The Australian Restoration Party is a new political party which will be developing membership following the election.
What has been overlooked by both parties in the coming election, because neither party has a solution, are the steps that need to be taken to preserve the "Australian way of life", a phrase that has been bandied about as though this (fast disappearing) way of life is something to be taken for granted.  But it is not to be taken for granted.  For precisely this reason, the  Australian Restoration Party has been founded.
The Australian Restoration Party is as its name suggests. Its purpose is to set about restoring our rights and freedoms - those aspects of the "Australian way of life" that we have gradually been robbed of in the past fifty or so years, by atheistic and agnostic politicians and beaurocrats who by stealth have all but torn to shreds our basic, fundamental, orderly and intelligent way of life.
The overall policies of the ARP will cover a broad spectrum and appeal to everyday Australians, but the pressing issue of importance at this time, with the upcoming election, is the future stability of our country.  This is not just in terms of the economy, climate change, or other important concerns, but in terms of the future direction of Australia.  If we abandon our allegiance to the British Monarchy, or the Constitutional Monarchy, upon which Australia was built and received its strengths, we are in effect offering ourselves as a prime target to whatever aggressive alien forces are lying out in the open domain of the world's political stage.
Without the monarchy we will soon be in perilous waters - we are already, if we continue the practice of allowing other religions to flourish amid our own religion.  The laws of our country are built on the laws of our religion, upon which the reigning monarch swears to uphold.  One of the laws of our religion says "Thou shalt have no other gods before me".  This means that immigrants must accept our religion as a condition upon entering Australia.  This is the only way that we can have a united Australia.  Even though in Britain itself this law has been trampled on, we can set an example to the rest of the world, by restoring this law.
Politicians and others who advocate Australia becoming a republic unwittingly give ground to the unseen enemy.  Thus it can be said that at present, the main aim of the ARP is to inform the Australian people of the urgency to vote for the political party that is least likely to instigate another push for a republic.   This would be the Liberals, as long as another monarchist  replaces John Howard, and not Peter Costello or Malcolm Turnbull, who are both republicans.  Kevin Rudd, though a christian,  is a republican.
JE Rose, spokesperson
Australian Restoration Party
We now present Mr Murphy's item / response to our item.  We asked Mr Murphy a good while ago to retract his final sentence, but to no avail.
White rabbit politics
Damien Murphy

November 10
The Australian Restoration Party.  Never heard of it?  That's because it is late for a very important date, November 24. Supporters couldn't get their act together and plan to start up next year and lead the charge against creeping republicanism in the advent of a Labor victory.
"The Australian Restoration Party is as its name suggests.  Its purpose is to set about restoring our rights and freedoms - those aspects of the 'Australian way of life' that we have gradually been robbed of in the past 50 or so years, by atheistic and agnostic politicians and bureaucrats who have all but torn to shreds our basic, fundamental, orderly and intelligent way of life", said its founder Jackie Rose, a Victorian schoolteacher. The last time we spotted Rose she was in the lunar right Confederate Action Party, (CAP), which disintegrated after claims of unethical conduct and unaccounted finances.
Now, Mr Murphy.....first, it was not a matter of not being able to "get our act together" - you could see from the first sentence of our item that the ARP was not a contender for the then upcoming November 2007 election. 
'One thing leads to another'
Second.......we take offence to your final sentence, which is defamatory in that it is suggestive that Jackie was involved in some form of  'unethical conduct and unaccounted finances'.  
Jackie organised a small branch of the CAP (Confederate Action Party) in Victoria, of five people, and submitted a couple of 'Letters to the Editor' to the local newspaper. When the CAP folded up, in Queensland, where it was largely situated, all other branches naturally ended also.  There was no money involved whatsoever in Jackie's branch.  Furthermore,  a google search of the CAP reveals an absence of anything to do with 'unaccounted finances', and with no evidence submitted to support such defamation that "[the CAP] collapsed.... amid allegations of vote rigging and electoral fraud", (according to a Wikipedia 'stub'),  Mr Murphy's writings are mischievous and obviously unfounded.
Mr Murphy - such journalism has no place in Australia - such journalism only serves to confound the truth, and in a global climate where increasingly widespread terrorism must constantly be kept under surveillance, and with morals slowly but surely being chipped away, your energies would be far better employed in the pursuit of truth and noble aspirations, consigning sarcasm and unfounded inuendo to your junk mail folder.  Otherwise, your writing is fine.
The CAP and Tony Pitt
In the early 1990's, Jackie had attended one larger CAP meeting in Victoria and found the people involved to be an honest, intelligent and likeable gathering of australians who were genuinely concerned about what was happening in Australia.  Jackie found out about the CAP through reading small newspapers, entitled "Fight", and "National Interest", solely produced by Tony Pitt, from Queensland.  Tony died of cancer a few years ago, and it was his dying wish for australians to get together and do something to save Australia.  Much of what he wrote, in his last weeks, is on the internet.
As seen by Tony's writings (via google), Tony was cautious of the AEC and so did not advocate the creation of a political party.  Tony had a vision for having independents winning in each electorate.  But there can be little or no progress without law and order.  The ARP has that law and order - it is now waiting for YOU - all of the concerned australians out there - to get together, via branches, and, as we have said, our goal is to have a branch in every electorate, and to be a thoroughly democratic party, under the banner of our constitutional monarchy, as we advocate the future running of the country to be, within a partyless system. 
A partyless system is in effect, what Tony's wish was - to have independants in each electorate, the difference being that we, the ARP, will be united under our CM. There will be room for differences of opinion and operational procedures, within branches, as long as our (as yet unwritten) party constitution is adhered to. The ARP is an advocate of individuality, whilst revering conformity to the basic foundations of our country's CM.
"Come Tomorrow" dedicated to Tony Pitt's memory
We would also like to take the opportunity to mention here that one of our songs, "Come Tomorrow", was inspired by Tony's writings and concern for Australia, and was written in the early 1990's.  This song is therefore dedicated to his memory, as being a person who forfeited his own pleasures and activities in life to spend all of his waking hours in attempting to "wake up Australia", and prevent our country from going downhill, to become ensnared in many and varied respects.   As we now see, we are ensnared, with high electricity and water charges, loss of industry, and of particular concern, racial and religious vilification laws, which, as we have pointed out, are illegal and invalid.  Tony, via his newspapers,  alerted us to such things as looming loss of superannuation, and astronomical water charges, months before these things began to occur.
28 October 2012:
"Australia and Asia in Century 21"
With the release of atheist PM Julia Gillard's formulated white paper "Australia in the Asian Century", it is even more imperative that Australia quickly and urgently restores its identity.
While Ms Gillard's vision of every australian school to have a 'sister' school in Asia could be seen to have a commendable aspect to it, there are two worrying considerations:
1.  Whilst Australia is erroneously being touted by Ms Gillard as a land of 'multi-faiths', which we are not, as evidenced through our CM (see also 'a summary of facts'),  Australia must not pass on such an erroneous message to an abundance of asian schools, via every australian school, for obvious reasons.  Not only is such a message unconstitutional, it is illegal and invalid, and simply must not occur.
Such a message not only goes against the foundation of our constitution, but is in contempt of it, and must be corrected. Apart from being an obvious debasement of our CM, telling the world that we are "multi-faith" is akin to advertising a sixteen year old's birthday party on facebook - one is not only inviting mayhem, but one will get it, sooner or later.
2.  It is an infringement on general overall rights for a school to be compelled to take on a 'sister school'. Schools have always had the natural right to do this, and many have done it, and still do.  But it is simply not the 'australian way' - not part of our identity, to be forced into doing something that is not strictly necessary, like this.  An essential part of our identity is that we have choices - not that we are compelled to unite with one voice.  There are worrying shades of similarity here to the german population being compelled to act 'en masse' during the nazi regime, with their compulsory outdoor activities and Hitler youth camps.
It is even more of an infringement to compel each child to learn a foreign language.  We have enough illiteracy as it is, more so in the past forty years, so compelling children to learn indonesian, mandarin, japanese or any other foreign language is an additional burden on the individual. The standards have markedly dropped in the teaching of our own language - english, and this is what needs to be focussed on.  The learning of foreign languages should always be voluntary, whether in primary or secondary schools.
A word about education:
Whilst broaching the subject of education, the restoration of state goverment run schools with their accompanying system of  seniority in promotion and inspectors, hand in hand with strict courses of study and weekly work programs for the '3R's', is the tried and tested way of achieving and maintaining a high educational standard. The unified national system envisaged by Ms Gillard again robs the individual and smaller communities of their general right of choices.
It does appear that too much time is now spent with children touching tablets instead of learning the skills of writing. Children should not be deprived of learning and practicing this valuable and enjoyable skill, which entails many hours of repetitious though fulfilling activity. Likewise, the fact that children no longer need to learn maths tables, extensive grammar, nor read more 'difficult' books, is an enforced deprivation upon our children.
Regarding the teaching of other languages, we advocate the teaching of esperanto, in secondary schools, which could well be compulsory.  Esperanto, a simple and universal 'language',  was created to foster harmony between people from different countries.  It goes without saying that if every nation on earth embraced esperanto, there would be greatly reduced language barriers - if any, and everyone would be able to communicate with everyone else.  What is the point of a student learning, say, indonesian, which would not benefit them if they instead decided to focus some aspect of their life in China? 
We are not going backwards in advocating these things - we are 'moving forward', having gone backwards in many ways in the last forty years. 

Sometime recently


Once upon a time there was a young fella jumping up and down, calling everyone and anyone a racist. Okay, some may have been, but most others clearly were not.

He created a website called "Fightdemback!", and his vitriolic writings surpassed the best of his kind - he was a champion. He was also a law school drop out, whilst giving the name in some of his vitriolic pages of his former law firm employer to create the impression that he was still employed by them. Consequent investigation showed that his employment had not lasted long, and his ex-employer, shocked to find that the respectable name of their legal firm was being used and abused to prop up and add an illusion of intelligence and success to this hate-filled young bloke, (who unbeknown to them had been leading this double life), subsequently took action, with the consequent result that all of the vitriole on this young fella's 'fightdemback' web pages mysteriously disappeared, one fine summer morning (or was it a cold wintry night).

We cannot say his name because we cannot find his name written on his website. He used to go by a nickname but that has disappeared too. He loves to name everyone else, but is too afraid to have his own name up in lights.

We suggest to this young man that he goes and educates himself a little bit more (or even a big bit more), so that he does not drag innocent people into becoming victims of his damaging circus.

If we have time we will send a letter to his post office box and tell him so, telling him also that by labelling people as 'racist' he is inviting a defamation action.

13 November 2013
The first day of business in parliament today saw a continuation of last year's 'classroom behaviour' with even Madam Speaker Bishop being hauled up by Tony Burke in a most commendable fashion for her overlooking of a misappropriate use of names. 'Bells were rung' four times - at least an hour was fritted away due to cleverness and astuteness from both parties, but which, in the larger realm of reality, was nothing more than a waste of intelligent time, which all must likewise concede  - how many extra carbon emissions ecaped into the atmosphere during all of this, and how many more can be expected to escape throughout the year(s) while this never-ending farce continues, even more frightening when the total time wasting of all of the world's governments and 'opposition' are added up.  In the meantime, climate change continues to wreak havoc and destruction on earth.  There is no time left on this planet for time wasting.  Christine Milne is one of the few MPs who will not forget what the main issue really is, and thank goodness she is there, to keep the rest of them in check. 
Attention has been drawn to the number 44 in Chinese numerology means 'dying and dead'. Can it mean that the 44th parliament could be the last of the two party system parliament, to be replaced by a partlyess one? And / or could it  mean that President Obama may be the last president in the USA political system?  (See below - "Rupert Murdoch's Lowy Institute Speech - USA in dire straits"). Perhaps there will be more presidents, to be replaced with a one worldwide dictator. (Would Australia become a victim of this too?  Australia is in Area 4 out of the ten areas that the world is divided into by the Club of Rome, so maybe it is intended that we would have no say in it.
On Q&A (12 November) the panel consisted of business people - a change from the normal run of largely MPs. In a partyless system in parliament, it is envisaged that there would be an abundance of such 'outside' input, by those with a particular specialised knowledge, from both sides of the argument.  Free of the shackles of political party persuasion, such speakers would give extra in-depth education to the MPs, who would then pass it on to their electorate, to have the real say, before the Canberra vote on that issue is held.
7 November 2013
The never-ending circle continues - the drought is broken
Labor is re-surfacing again after its post-election re-organisation, accusing the (Lib) government of having 'twisted values' regarding its handling of distribution of funds.  Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to have the best minds from both parties working in unison for the betterment of all? It CAN be done, if everyone would have faith in a partyless system.
Predictably,the shameful bunfights between the major parties prior to the September 2013 election, roping in nearby countries without their prior consent regarding asylum seeker solutions, has resulted in the obvious outcome - the offended neighbours are telling us where to go. Now the bunfight continues, while the best solutions remain dormant, never being fully worked out, waiting for the day when Rupert Murdoch's 'meritocracy' will miraculously deliver them. Let's hope they do, and as well, deliver everything else that needs to be done (see this site), so that we can all take a deep breath and get on with living a happy life, which is surely the purpose of life after all.  If not, this 'meritocracy' must be created via a partyless system, so that petty and time consuming party squabbling at the expense of working out the best all round solutions can become a thing of the past.

Rupert Murdoch's Lowy Institute speech - USA in dire straits
When Rupert Murdoch spoke at the Lowy Institute recently, he said that we must maintain our institutions, including our churches, and that the USA remains our 'number one alliance'. Is Mr Murdoch aware of the extent that our 'number one alliance' is in the process of being usurped from within, in many and varying ominous ways, and what measures does he suggest need be taken, or can he (and will he) take himself, to ensure that our number one alliance may likewise maintain its churches?  The way things are shaping up, it will only be a matter of time before there will be no churches in the USA, but plenty of blood shed (note DHS type of bullets for domestic use), christian martyrs, and moslem mosques.  It would seem that Mr Murdoch would be more effective if he moved away from the USA, so that he can have the freedom to really show what is really going on over there, by showing it on the front pages of his newspapers, where EVERYONE can see it. Maybe then, more in the USA will "take heed of the warning"....then maybe they MAY be able to stop it in time (though it is prophesized in the Bible to occur).  Prolonged detention, FEMA camps, DHS build up of weapons and ammunition to use on the american people, and the following, but a few references from many, as well as many YouTube items:
Something must be done!!  NOW!!
1.  -  25 October 2013  "America's most biblically hostile US president"
2.  - 28 October 2013  "Obama Hates Christianity"
3. - 31 October 2013   "Barack Obama's DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary: "America is an Islamic Country"'
4.  Books "The Manchurian President" by Aaron Klein (a New York Times bestseller), and his newest book "Impeachable Offences".
5 November 2013
On Q&A recently, the guests on the government's side made excuses for the concern raised about foreign ownership of our land. A week or so later, with cruelty again raised with live animal exports, excuses were again made. This is proof that political party allegiance results in compromise, with a weakening of individual resolve, rather than to 'stand alone'.  With these two issues, was the true voice of Australia given? Hardly. The only way that the true voice of Australia can be heard, and acted upon, is for political party mentality to be dissolved, to be replaced with independent MPs, who echo the voice of their electorates. Our 'meritocracy', as Rupert Murdoch calls it, would still end up with the best of minds (the 'intellectually elite"), if the people vote in the best within their electorate. It's all in the preparation - the thoroughness of the 'pre-selection' leading up to voting day.
It is up to us, the people, to stop foreign land ownership, and cruelty to animals, by putting independent MPs, who willingly adhere to our CM, and who convey the will of their electorate, in place. Likewise, with other pressing issues. To-ing and frow-ing with the direction of how and where to take our solutions to climate change is irresponsible to say the least. Regarding other issues, MPs will make excuses for animal cruelty and foreign land ownership, because they must not 'rock the boat' of their political party, and the political parties do not know how to deal with these new problems, which call for unprecedented changes. 
As for the the earth, it is not going to continue at its current haphazard pace forever, and the biggest change that must now happen is that we end this divisive and destructive political party mentality, step out of it, and make a fresh and united start, with US, the people, being at the helm, guided by the principals of our CM. We can then begin the restoration of Australia, with confidence and one mind, with each australian really having a say, via their MPs, so that the true voice of Australia prevails.  Not only this, but THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THAT WE WILL AVOID THE SAME USURPATION THAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA RIGHT NOW.
Australia is the only country in the world with a small population, enabling these changes to be made, and to show the rest of the world, by example, that it can be done. The words of George Washington are not old and obsolete, but applicable today, and must be applied.
With one in four australians now renting, foreign ownership of our land is about to expand even further, especially when the value of our dollar drops. This will make home ownership even more impossible for many australians.  Whether or not you fall into this category, you MUST do something to stop this sinking ship of Australia, if you want Australia to be a country for australians. The task is becoming daunting, but not unsolvable, unless you do nothing about it.
28 October 2013
The overall situation to date
The coalition's low key approach, together with the comparative lack of labor opposition so far, while Labor still struggles with its identity and direction, is making this period, at time of writing, so far the closest yet to a scenario of having no political parties at all, which is what we advocate, (having the foundation of our CM as our source of political guidance). The government gets on with the job, while the people get on with their lives. The only trouble at present, is that we don't know what deals are being done by the 'intellectual elite', with big business.  What is important is to always keep one thought in mind - to keep us out of compromising situations with money lenders who do not respect our CM, whilst looking after our people in every respect.
Who is calling the shots?
Having said this, the situation is far from ideal, with global warming, foreign land ownership and other pressing matters too numerous to mention, sitting in a condition of continuous stalemate, while a small group of political party leaders call the shots, until the other group is voted in.  It's time that we, the people, took the initiative, to start calling the shots, by stepping out of the political party mentality, to create continuity in our decision making, so that real progress can be made.
What do the people really want?
We must take steps to become sustainable, and the question must be asked - what do the people of Australia really want?  If it was left to the vote of each electorate, we would undoubtably find that people would not want runaway development at the expense of sustainability. Our government should be looking after its people, managing the economy in such a way that all may attain home ownership, but instead, it is being seen as a contributor to runaway worldwide growth, which noone has stopped to consider how it will end, as runaway growth cannot continue forever.  At some stage, existence itself is going to be an issue, and at that time, local communities will need to be self sufficient. 
To attain this self sufficiency, steps should be taken now, not when it is too late. Such steps also include scaling down mining, carbon emissions and the preservation and good management of our farmland and national parks. This is not going to happen while a small core within one party, then another, swap the reins every few years. Every australian should see themselves as progressive thinkers who want the best for their children, and this must include putting a stop to the reckless worldwide over expansion caused by an ingrained attitude of competition. Even now, who can be sure that their nearby rural farmland will not be destroyerd by fracking? The answer is - noone - this is how bad the situation has rapidly become.
Join the ARP and start the ball rolling!
Christine Milne  - a voice in the wilderness
Christine Milne is a refreshing voice amongst the power-mongering main parties. The Greens echo the concerns of average australians, but they should not complicate their agenda by including asylum seeker remedies. As this problem escalates, with spreading instability within nations, the remedy, to be confidently applied, is again, directly below.
Asylum seekers
As we have shown, the only satisfactory remedy for this is to ensure that all asylum seekers give allegiance to our CM. We must introduce legislation to prohibit any further expansion of islamic activity. If every asylum seeker agreed to adhere to the CM we would not have a threat.  It is the threat of an increased alien religion into our country, being islam, with its militant progression, which causes concern.  A million new asylum seekers, running from their failed political system, should all happily want to "sing from the same hymn book" as the stable country that harbours them.  This is a better scenario  than even a hundred new islamist asylum seekers who ultimately and ungratefully will call us 'infidels', whilst forever causing conflict within our own country.  The ARP has shown how this can and must be eradicated, before it has a chance to properly begin.
No compromise to be made with foreign money lenders
The billions of dollars being borrowed to help fix the economy should not come from sources that can ultimately compromise our CM or disadvantage australians.  Foreign property ownership must be reduced and preferably cease to exist, with leasing taking its place, and we must not have borrowed so much that we feel that we cannot comfortably call the shots. It's looking increasingly like Australia continues to borrow foreign money, then feeling an 'obligation' to the lenders not to offend them, by denying them or their citizens the ability to purchase our properties and land.  First home buyers are the victims of this, with real estate prices escalating as foreign demand continues to rise.
Until Australia can confidently call the shots, this will continue. We cannot confidently do this until our identity is clearly honoured, this being a pride in maintaining the Australia as described in our national anthem, which ideally should be extended to include "God save the Queen", to be sung or played immediately following the end of "Advance Australia Fair". We ideally need this reinforcement of our allegiance to our monarch to constantly remind foreign interests that we are serious abut preserving what we already have, and do not intend to water it down by allowing our land to be bought up by foreign interests.
Islam to be curbed 
The new coalition government needs to go a step further than their promises, as shown in the 'summary of facts' and 'restoring our identity' pages, in implementing the necessary steps to fix up Gough's mistake, and the consequences of it, being to eradicate islam (and any other different religion that may surface, though highly unlikely), from our shores. The longer this is not attended to, the more difficult it will be.  Even now, with the NSW bushfires, assistance given by 'Islamic Relief Australia' makes it more difficult, with noone liking to refuse assistance, and it can be seen as arrogant and ungrateful to do so. Yet, to preserve our CM, we must not accept or rely on islamic help, for it makes it all the more difficult down the track. This is a matter for urgent attention, and can only be confidently begun when the picture is clearly understood, as explained in the 'summary of facts' page.
We are not advocating instantaneously expelling islam from our shores, but in scaling down islamic activity as a starting point, to allow adherants to wind up their activities without undue disruption, eg islamic schools ultimately need to be closed. In saying this, we would not hesitate to advocate more immediate closure of islamic activity, should the voice of the people echo this.  There will undoubtably be fierce opposition to any intervention of islamic activity, especially from the islamic community itself.  Australians must not fall asleep in this regard.  "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance".
Islamists cannot call themselves 'australian' when they do not give their allegiance to our CM - it is as simple as that, and no amount of islamic emotional comment on them being 'australian' can change this. Australian sympathers to islam are nothing but traitors if they do not support the CM in every respect, and this means realising that there is no place for islam in our society. We must never weaken on this, as there are powerful forces ever ready to destroy our CM.  We hope that the coalition will take the necessary measures to create and maintain victory over these enemies. If not, we are here - the ARP - as the means by which to begin the process.
The Islamic nations of the world have procedures in place to protect their political systems.  We must do likewise.
All other english speaking and /or biblically based nations will ultimately need to do likewise - to realise that the commandment "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" means exactly that. Otherwise they, as well as us, if we do nothing, will find themselves entangled and powerless, in a worldwide government that will dictate our way of life. We will then say "Goodbye Australia Fair", whilst saying goodbye forever to our way of life.
Coalition to be made aware of the ARP 
We will make sure that the coalition is aware of what we advocate - we will send a link and short explanation to the federal director of the Liberal Party, who has a duty to pass it on to those who are managing our government.
Updates - late October 2013
A constantly changing world
In editing and updating the ARP website, a combination of two new elements may change the focus, and make some items appear outdated, or even now under control. However, it must be kept in mind that what is important is the underlying fundamental and ongoing focus of what essentially remains the same, and that is, the preservation of our CM.  The two new elements are:
1. change of government from labor to the coalition (and hence possibly less focus on vilification laws)
2. greater media attention to the 'mega-age' - more TV documentaries showing unstoppable world growth and depleting of the earth's resources on a gigantic scale, which can make us feel helpless to contemplate or steer towards a more sustainably foccused direction.  The danger is that we may feel that our individuality has already become smothered, and that a 'mega - international political system' may be emerging, over which we have no chance of alienating ourselves from. The challenge is to rise above this. Devastating climate events remind us of our smallness and vulnerability, and we must never lose sight of this. There is no time left to squander in bad and inept government decision making, governments being the instruments of all change, by virtue of their ability to manage and control society in general.
Attitudes seen to be wrong
With the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Opera house, we have been reminded of the prevailing attitude at the time, of the unpopularity by many of the Opera House, with building costs being the main concern. Forty years on, the benefits of its income far exceed the initial building costs.  As seen in old film footage, the attitude was wrong, and climate change sceptics, if they still exist, ought to learn from this. Tony Abbott tells us that an average family will be $550 better off per year with the carbon tax scrapped, but this 'saving' is nothing compared with the catastrophic consequences not too far around the corner if the world ignores or postpones dealing with this problem. We must play our part in doing what we can to restore stability to the earth's climate, and we must do it NOW.
Following the 7 September 2013 election, the following things have (at time of writing) occurred:
Latest as at 29 September 2013:
1.  Bill Shorten is now Labor leader, but just what is this party about now, anyway? It certainly isn't going to fix the problems.  At least it can be said historically that when the Liberals, National and Country parties came into existence after the initial formation of the Labor Party, they did so out of necessity, to uphold the CM, which some Labor prime ministers have shown that they love to erode.
2. Although early days, the low profile being kept by the Abbott government is hopefully going to usher in at least three years of sensible stewardhip of the country. Greg Hunt has assured us that climate change solution is still on the agenda.
3. Rob Shorten, whilst in campaign mode with Anthony Albanese, advocated government positions based upon lifestyle rather than merit. Sorry Rob, disagree.
Latest as at 24 September 2013:
1.  Tony Abbott has abolished the Climate Commission, which is now to be continued by private funding, and is in the process of scrapping the carbon tax.
2. David Suzuki, apolitical world environmentalist, sole guest on Q&A on 23 September, said that it was up to the people to find a solution to the problem of climate change.  He said there needed to be 'a fundamental platform of agreement', that climate change efforts were going backwards, and that governments that contribute to this ought to be tried for inter-generational crime. We must not scoff at this by joining in the world's 'mega-development'. We need the Greens in place to constantly remind us of this (though the same can be done without the Greens, by independent 'partyless' MPs attitudes instead, once a partyless system is in place).
3. The next day, Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese were in a Labor leader debate. Bill, amonsgt other things, focussed on domestic violence. Both expounded a list of 'ideas' as to what they might implement as leader.  No mention was made of anything to do with the climate. Labor should take a long term rest as they have outgrown their original purpose.  It is far more important to attend to the pressing matters raised by the ARP, which can be done without political parties, the main mission being a combined one, to restore those aspects of the CM which have been usurped. We can then all confidently be politically united, and once united, begin to apply measures to make Australia a shining example to the rest of the world, in the true egalitarian vision as espoused by Rupert Murdoch.
ARP summary of above
To reach David Suzuki's required 'fundamental platform of agreement' we must bypass the obstructive ingrained attitude of forever opposing political parties, which have NOT fixed up our problems, but have created them. That is, unless the Abbott government can begin and continue long term with the process of restoring what is necessary, and what is advocated in these pages, and we will give them a chance to prove their worth.
(Problems added to what we have advocated in these pages include domestic violence, homelessness, illiterate youth, out of control teenagers, lack of government housing, unmanagable vandalism of public housing, street crime, unemployment, welfare dependency, child abuse, elder abuse, bankruptcy, credit card dependency, drug taking, alcoholism, loss of commonwealth ownership of natural resources, rampant foreign ownership of land, loss of manufacturing, all manner of moral decadence and inequality, and last but not least, the state of the economy).
The future of australian politics
There is more to politics than choosing between labor's atheistic inspired educational curriculums and mismanagement of the economy, leading to long term unemployment for many, or both parties being lobbied into having Australia dug up by mining companies and runaway universal mega-growth, while foreign investors buy up the remaining land.  There is everything in between, an awakening of a true Australia, by the australians, at the grass roots level, with our CM as our firm foundation.  If the Abbott government does not, or cannot, do this, YOU have the opportunity to make this happen.
Unless the new Abbott government provides the solutions, the real voice of Australia will need to be heard, through grass roots representation.
This has already begun in the electorate of Indi, with an independent winning the previous Liberal safe seat. But the process needs to be taken a step further, with the abolition of political parties, simply by not allowing political parties and lobby groups to fund candidates.  Likewise with the grass roots process, candidates would not be able to align themselves prior to election time, with social media representations, to keep the process of selection simple and fair and equal.
Grass roots selection organised by youth of Indi won their seat
The means by which grass roots representation is to be achieved is by making the ARP the people's choice of government, to then provide a means to trial having no political parties at all, through a referendum.  Short of doing this, nothing will change, with the chopping and changing of major political parties continuing to obstruct the smooth flow of progress of true democratic choice, which, most importantly, and this must be kept in mind, is able to be achieved without political parties because we already have the firm foundation of our CM.
To have a nation full of independents who could represent everything and anything is dangerous, and that is why the ARP advocates it only AFTER voters first commit to the principles of the ARP.
It is hoped that the ARP will appeal to the many young disillusioned people who have tuned out of politics. Perhaps the younger generation can restore sanity to politics, in keeping with the vision of George Washington, and the spirit of Lord Sydney, as quoted in the 'partyless politics' page. In so doing, Australia will have an opportunity to set a supreme example for the rest of the world to follow. But there is no time to lose. It must begin now. To do nothing is to invite defeat. To join the ARP, if the coalition fails to restore the usurped CM, is to provide the organisation for and the installation of the 'eternal vigilance' necessary for the price of freedom.
In the meantime, if Tony Abbott and Co. can usher in a period of long term stability, as well as attending to s.42, 44 and 116 of the Constitution as shown on this site, and applying the other words in this site, so that the ARP is not needed, that will save us from having to do it.  It is hoped he can, but if he can't, the ARP will need to step in, as long as australians reading this right now take advantage of the opportunity of this ARP blueprint to rally around and start to make it happen. 
It is up to you, or us, when all is said and done, and we CAN do it. At least there is no dictator on the central stage to prohibit us (though there may well be at least one in the wings, whether from inside Australia or still outside).  It is prudent to act now, while we can.  If another Gillard is installed somewhere down the track, situations may well be manipulated and legislation prepared so that we will not be able to move an inch without permission.  We must act now, and, as the scout motto says, "be prepared". Being prepared means first being educated, and reading this site will give you the necessary education.

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