ARP a model for other countries

The foundation of the restoration of the australian identity is a model for other english speaking or other biblically based nations, who find themselves in a similar position, whereby their biblical identity has been tampered with. The first commandment "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" must be honoured, as an essential part of our Constitution, and the notion of 'religious freedom' must be seen in context - that at its inception it referred to differences between the christian religions, in particular the catholic and protestant religions.

This is most important - if we do not attend to this, within a few short years there will be nothing left of our identity as we know it, and we can be sure that there will be new laws in place that will be to the detriment of the freedoms we have been raised with and take for granted. It is imperative to look ahead into what could be, and this includes the likelihood of sinister changes.

The swiftness with which alien forces can take over must not be under estimated. Compromise with alien forces is not an option - this would be the first step in the process of permanent disintegration of our identity, and of ensnaring us, to unknown alien forces that may yet still be in the process of unfolding, via means which include international political synthesis, individual charisma, continuous persistence, verbal and physical (terrrorist) attack.

What can be safely surmised is that no political leader in the world today, in their assumption that their political system or belief is ultimate in its supremity or superiority, has a vision wide or deep enough to realise or understand that there will be, and always has been, other unforseen external forces and/or occurences that will reduce their supposedly 'only way' into shreds and fragments, with inevitable bloodshed.

We of the english speaking or other biblically based nations of the world already have a firm foundation - our 'house' is built upon The Rock - it is not built upon shifting sand. Advocates of changing this are no less than traitors to the country that has given them their comfortable way of life, and their proud identity - an identity that our soldiers have fought for and lost their lives to preserve.

It is a point of contention that we, the english speaking and other biblically based nations, should not 'interfere' in the politics of other countries. Hence the 'anti USA' sentiment that is spread via internet sites and so on. What must be kept in mind is whether these other nations, whether it be the government or those attempting to destroy a despot government, have asked us for assistance, and if so, it is the right thing to do, to offer such assistance, in its fullness.

What is not right is to believe that we must 'convert' these or any other countries, if they are based upon non-biblical beliefs. What we CAN do is to show by example (which shamefully and to our detriment is lacking in many respects). It is not our task to convert other countries, but only to "go into the world and preach the gospel of salvation". It is then up to the people of these countries to take the next steps.


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